David McAulay

Chief Instructor

I started karate while in Primary School. My first club was Linlithgow karate club and the style was Shokokai. I attained my 1st Dan in 1999. I took a break of about 10 years then started training again in Shotokan karate with Livingston karate club where i spent 10 years there. During this time we joined KWF Scotland where in 2016 i gained my 2nd Dan. Shortly after that I decided to join up with Khionkai karate club where i trained and gained Instructors and referees qualifications. I have refereed in local competitions and in a European Championships. In 2017 I started Doteki Karate club with a session at Simpson's Primary School. With the success of that club i decided to open another set of classes at Southdale Primary School in Armadale.